Close up view of Canadian Ammonite shell

2017 Club Activities

JANUARY   In preparation for the reopening of the club workshop for 2017, Jeff and Steve, with some help from Alan, undertook the replacement of several sets of bearings in the club grinders and trim saws. The new drum  sander was installed, some shafts were ‘turned down’ where they had worn. The overall result was to reduce the noise level in the club rooms significantly. Essential work to keep the club functioning! FEBRUARY 4-5  On Saturday and Sunday, club members manned a stall at the local ‘Bottles & Collectibles’ show to publicise the club and raise some funds. Thanks must go to all those who manned the stand, especially Steve, Jeff and Linda. The photo shows Kay and Jeff at the club stand.
Thursday 9/2/17  Members at Axess Glass Products in Melbourne at a workshop on glass fusing & slumping. The workshop was arranged by  Steve M.  See slide show to left.
Left: A 9 ct gold pendant with four peridot gems, constructed by club member Helen. 5/4/2017  Eight club members travelled by train to Melbourne on a trip organised by Steve M. The day started at the Gemmological Association of Australia in Spencer St. Members had an excellent tour of the facilities with the laboratory testing equipment being well explained. We also had a good look at the GAA’s gem & mineral specimens. This was followed by an excellent Vietnamese lunch. We also visited a jewellery store, opal display, Koodaks lapidary supplies and Crystal Universe during the afternoon. A great day. Photos left: Row 1: At the GAA. Row 2 & 3: Viewing the opal display. Row 4: Some nice opals, members having tea in Hardware Lane.
18 & 19 April  Several club members attended the Victorian Gemkhana at Shepparton. They reported that they had a good weekend with some of the ‘facetors’ happy with their results in the faceting section of the show. Well done John and Kathleen! Row 1: Competition cabachons.           An attractive display of Mookite Row 2: Once again, John did very well with his faceting!      Kathleen also achieved a result she was very happy with. Row 3: John & Kathleen at the faceting demonstration. Row4: Part of the show.    Show raffle. Row 5: Tumbled stones competition entries.     An attractive display of bone carving.
Diane’s two  completed  platters Kay’s two completed platters Kajol’s completed platter!
22/4/2017  Club members manned the BBQ at Bunnings again. It is a handy fundraiser for the club, helping to ‘balance the books’. A large number of members assisted over the day, and once again thanks must go to Kay K. for organising and managing the BBQ. Photo above: L to R Bunnings staff, Kay K., Helen B., Alan A.
July		Above Left: A faceted red Spinel gem, plus two diamonds, set in 18 ct gold by one of our club members. This is a great example of the standard of work members can achieve. Above Right: A beautifully cut cz (faceted by John H.) set in a sterling silver pendant.
L: Sandstone wall prior to rendering/repairs. R: Wall at back has been rendered, bench frame nearly built, glass partition on R.H.S. nearly complete. L: Steve and Jeff starting to construct frame for glass partition R: Bench frame partly constructed. L: Installing bench tops. October:  One of our club members recently successfully completed the AFG judges course in NSW. A great effort by the member concerned. His judges badge is show to the left. Sunday 29/10  Eight Warrnambool club members joined Geelong club fossickers at the Fyansford quarry to fossick for fossils. It was a good day, though the sharks teeth were scarce. However, several members collected sharks teeth and other fossils and went home very satisfied with their finds.
August Club members have been hard at work improving our club facilities. Old cupboards damaged by damp have been repaired, walls have been rendered and painted, a glass partition installed and new bench space constructed for faceting, glass fusing and silverwork. Thanks must go to Steve M. for the work he has done on this project, also to Alan A., Jeff G., Helen B. and Linda G.
November: At the club’s A.G.M. the new executive for 2018 was elected. President Alan Altmann, Vice-President Helen Butrumlis, Secretary John Coxon, Treasurer Stephen Hinkley. Kay keen was elected as an ‘ordinary member’ of the committee.good Sunday 26th   Members from the Warrnambool, Colac and Geelong clubs travelled to Mt Shadwell to fossick for Peridot and other minerals. The day was overcast but dry and the temperature was good for fossicking. Some peices of gemmy peridot were found along with some anothoclase felspar. Specimen ‘volcanic bombs’ were also collected by several fossickers. At 1 p.m. members of the three clubs returned to Alan Wood’s home for a BBQ and a look at Woody’s collection. A great time was had by those present.
The six photos to the left show members of the Geelong, Colac and Warrnambool Gem Clubs enjoying the BBQ at Alan & Jenni Woods home. A large amount of food provided by members from the three clubs made for a very relaxing afternoon after the mornings fossicking.
2018 January 1/1/18 Club members Steve, Jeff, Linda and Alan erected the new banner advertising our show on the end of the Warrnambool Primary School Hall. 4/1/18 A large contingent of members turned up from 8 a.m. to commence the setup of the hall. A combination of enthusiasm and efficiency had the hall set up by 11 a.m. Thanks to all those who helped!
For a full view of the gem show go to the 2018 show page!
March 17: Our club members celebrated the club’s 50th year in operation with a luncheon at the club rooms. As well as current club members we had previous members and the Warrnambool Mayor present. It was a great lunch with contributions from many members, with a special mention going to Janice, Keith, Steve, Alan and Helen for the time they spent preparing for the day. Photos below!
Due to the day being a ‘total fire ban day’, the club changed the menu from a BBQ to cold meats and salads. This turned out to be a good move, and the desserts that members brought along provided a great end to the meal. The Warrnambool Mayor, Robert, was present and related his experiences as a teenager in the 1960’s when he spent several months, along with other members of the YMCA, dismantling the interior of our current clubrooms. At that time the building still contained large motors, water pumps and switchboards; it had served for decades as the pumping station for the city, with the water storages located next door. As well as current members it was great to have a number of past club presidents present (Noel Wickson, Robert Lanchberry, John Colledge) and past members.
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