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On Thursday morning, 7/1/16 club members began setting up the tables in the Warrnambool Primary School hall.

Members transported sale items from the club plus extra tables from a local church. Table covers were put in

place and the power supply was extended to the trader’s tables, demonstration and display areas. The setup was

complete by midday so traders could setup Friday. A great effort by the dozen members who did the work!

The club’s show cases were set up on Friday with members determined to put on a good display. Our traders

arrived during Friday and had setup by 8 p.m..

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Close up view of Canadian Ammonite shell

The show was held on weekend of the 9th and 10th of January. Fortunately the weather was pleasant over the

two days which helped with us getting a good crowd through the show. It also ensured the conditions in the hall

were close to ideal, as it can get hot in a ‘big tin shed/hall’ if the temperatures reach 40 outside!

 It was great to see so many members from other clubs at the show. Geelong plus several Melbourne clubs were

represented as well as most clubs in the western half of the state.

A very happy junior member from the Geelong club won the ‘guess the number of stones in the bottle

competition’ (it was 618). A lot of visitors appreciated the lunches provided by the hard working members in the

canteen. Great value meals!

 At completion of the show on Sunday afternoon, a well organised team of members and traders had the hall

cleared in record time.

Club members were happy with the way the show went, but will look to make further improvements for our

next show in two years. That show will mark 50 years of operation by our club! Many visitors provided positive

feedback regarding the show and the club has gained new members during the show. The funds raised by the

show will help us to maintain and develop the clubrooms for the benefit of all members.

Warrnambool Gem Show 2014 

The 2014 Gem Show ran from Friday 10th till Sunday 12th of January. The Friday was well attended in the

morning but hot conditions in the afternoon saw the crowd disappear. Saturday was excellent with

cooler weather and lots of visitors to the show. Club members and traders were kept busy throughout

the day. A large number of children attended the show and the ‘lucky dips’ were very popular as was the

‘pet rock and pendant making activity’. The silver-work and Faceting demonstrations attracted lots of

attention. The ‘micro mount specimens/microscope’ display also had many visitors interested.Members

caught up with ‘rockhounds’/friends from other clubs and had a good chat. A number of potential new

members as well as some past members attended.

At 1 p.m. on Saturday the Warrnambool city council mayor, Michael Neoh, was present and was thanked

for the support the city has shown to the club over many years. Michael then spoke of the contribution

clubs make to a city such as Warrnambool.The show was then officially opened by the State Premier, the

Hon. Dr Dennis Napthine who spoke positively about the exhibition and hobby in general. Club members

were very appreciative that both the Mayor and Premier chose to attend the show and show their


One of the highlights of the show was the display put on by club member Brian which consisted of a

large collection of agates from Moonlight heads along with some impressive fossil specimens he has

collected over the decades.

Sunday was another hectic day with good attendance. The show closed at 4 p.m. And the massive

packup began. The stall traders were happy with their results as was the club with the attendance and

stall sales.

The most popular showcase competition was very close but congratulations must go to Rosemary

Keyburn who took first place with an excellent display. Well done Rosemary!!

Thanks must go to all those members who worked so hard to make the show a success!

The photos below provide a snapshot of the show

Above right:  Club President Kathleen and Victorian Premier Dennis Napthine opening the show.

Above left:  A disbelieving most popular showcase winner. Well done Rosemary!!! Below: Rosemary’s showcase.
2012 GEM SHOW The 2012 show was held at the Warrnambool Primary School, Jamieson St., Warrnambool. The show ran from Fri. 6/1/12 to Sun. 8/1/12 with mild weather throughout. Members had entered a great selection of show cases for the ‘popular showcase’ competition and congratulations go to all entrants. The top 4 cases as voted by the public belonged to Alan Altmann, Jenni Wood, Kay Keen and Janice Fisher. Voting was very close with several other cases within a few votes of the top 4. Many of the cases on display are shown below.
Alan Wood had an impressive display of the Minerals he had collected from Mt. Shadwell in Mortlake. He displayed faceted Peridot cut from Mt. Shadwell material.
Jenni Wood had a display highlighting the many forms in which Gypsum occurs around Australia.
Club members also set up a number of display cases which were mainly for the education and enjoyment of the public. These showcases were not voted on by the public, although several visitors indicated they would have liked to have voted for some of them! Both competition and non competition cases are shown in the slide show above.
Club member Rod Steffenson had a great time manning the ‘lucky dip’ during the show.
It was pleasing to see so many children at the show. They particularly seemed to enjoy the lucky dip, jewellery making, gem tree making and the wire-wrapping activities/demonstrations. Thanks to all those involved. Thanks also to all club members who combined to make it such a great show! The club received good publicity for the show via an article in the Warrnambool  newspaper The Standard. The relevant article and photo are shown below. The photo below is of club member (and local fossil collecting expert) Chris Ah Yee. Plenty of gems to sink your teeth into BONNIE ZIEGELER 07 Jan, 2012 04:00 AM WITH shark’s teeth, marsupial bones, carbon imprints and amethyst, Warrnambool Primary School has transformed into a museum for the weekend. Warrnambool Gem Club members have set up their projects and precious findings for their biennial exhibition to raise money for workshop display cases, wall units and lighting upgrades. “It’s our major fund-raiser to keep the club going,” club president Alan Altmann yesterday told The Standard. “With this year’s weather we’re expecting a pretty good crowd over the weekend. “It’s amazing the+ number of rock hounds that spread throughout the country going to exhibitions.” Hamilton man and gem club member of six years Chris Ah Yee is showing a variety of fossils he has collected from fossicking trips and overseas purchases. Among these are a 350-million-year-old crinoid sea lily and a 12-million- year-old tooth from an extinct 30-foot-long carcharocles megaladon or giant megatooth shark, an ancient ancestor of the Great White. “You have to have knowledge of the age of particular fossils, basically whether they are marine or non-marine,” he said. “You need to use the correct tools, hammers and chisels and wrapping paper … 50 million years of work can be lost in the space of five minutes.” Mr Ah Yee and his partner Janice Krause recently unearthed a new species of sea urchin that, after international confirmation, they named rhyncopygus janchrisorum after themselves. The exhibition is not limited to the array of fossilised artefacts, with gemstone and mineral displays, faceting demonstrations, wire wrapping and family-friendly activities also on offer. “We use the pun, there are many facets to this hobby,” Mr Ah Yee laughed. The exhibition is open from 10am to 5pm today and 10am to 4pm tomorrow in the school hall.
2010 GEM SHOW      Our 2010 show was held at the Warrnambool Primary School PAC, at the corner of the Princess Highway/Raglan Parade and Jamieson St., Warrnambool, from the 8th to the 10th of January . The club was pleased that the show was so well supported by members from other clubs from around the state as well as interstate. We have gained a number of new members as a result of the show and received positive feedback from the public. It was great to have Des Liston as one of our regular traders. Des has supported our shows for as long as I have been involved with the club. A special feature of the show this year was a display of fossils by Chris Ahyee and Janice Krause, who are well known in the fossil collecting community. Their knowledge of fossils is impressive. Our shows are held every two years, as we are a small club and the work involved in these shows is significant. However, members agree they are worth the effort!
2008 GEM SHOW Our 40th Birthday show was held from the 25th to the 27th, at the Archie Graham Centre once again. We were grateful to have our regular traders such as Des Liston and Craig's Crystals, as well as several additional new traders at the show. The show was a success in terms of the numbers of visitors, interest generated in the club, the standard of club members displays. The income generated from the show will help the club meet it's share of the costs involved in the redevelopment of the club's workshop, which we hope will occur in the next few years. A special feature of the show this year was the display of material the club recently received from the MAARMUSEUM IN THE EIFEL REGION IN THE WEST OF GERMANY In 2007, Dr Martin Koziol, of the Maarmuseum, found the Warrnambool Gem Club website, while searching for information on Maar Volcanoes. Dr Koziol contacted the Warrnambool Gem Club because the part of Germany where he lives has many maar volcanoes which are similar to those found near Warrnambool. Our club forwarded mineral & fossil specimens (plus a reference book) from the Western District of Victoria to the museum, which in return has sent the club a fine collection of mineral and fossil specimens from Germany, along with several mineral and fossil references, some of which are shown in the photos below. Note: Maar volcanoes result from explosions occurring when hot magma (molten rock) meets groundwater near the earth’s surface, producing high pressure steam and an explosion of rock fragments & magma into the air. These generally form a wide shallow crater with layers of tuff or ash around the edge. Some 40 examples of maar volcanoes exist in the southwest of Victoria, including Lake Bullenmerri (near Camperdown), Tower Hill (near Warrnambool), Lakes Keilambete and Purrumbeet and Mt. Rouse
Above: Display of faceted gemstones by Alan A. Left:  Des Liston at his stall selling a wide range of lapidary items. Bottom left: Alan Wood and Allan White holding a photo Alan painted of Allan! In the background are paintings with a 'rock' theme which formed part of the Gem Show this year. The show once again had a great display of showcases representing the work of club members and several of these cases are shown below. The 'Champion Showcase' prize for the 2008 show was won by Alan Wood with his 'Periants' display. Our club appreciated the support shown by other clubs, with visitors to the show coming from Melbourne, Geelong, Mount Gambier, Colac, Ballarat and other clubs. Our most senior club member, Bill Rodgers, visited the show and had a good time catching up with his many friends. The show was opened by the Warrnambool Mayor Cr. David Atkinson, who continues to show good support for community groups. Our club was also fortunate to receive considerable support via a generous sponsorship from Collins Book Sellers in Warrnambool.
January 2006 Gem Show The club holds an exhibition every 2nd year, at the Archie Graham centre in Warrnambool, Victoria. The 2006 show featured our regular dealers and traders selling a wide range of minerals, fossils, equipment & jewelery. However, the main focus of our show was the extensive displays of the work/collections of members. We make a  big effort to show the public the standard of work that club members can produce and the club show cases were comprehensive and well presented.     Club members conducted demonstrations of opal cutting and faceting. A  ‘wire-wrapping’ demonstration was very popular with visitors to the show. Members of the public were given the opportunity to create their own individual pendants from Australian gem materials and participate in lucky dips and raffles.
L: Alan demonstrating faceting. R: Chris & Jan’s fossil display. L: Doris & Chris R: General view of show L: General view of show R: Alan White manning lucky dip. L: Keith with the canteen crew (l to r: Janice, Val, Lorna) R: Brian demonstrating opal cutting to Kay.
January 2004 Gem Show The club holds an exhibition every 2nd year, at the Archie Graham centre in Warrnambool, Victoria. The 2004 show report can be found on our ‘2004 club activities page’.  No records exist for earlier shows.
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