This page contains photos of a series of Gemstone and mineral collections, including the Alan Wood and Ivy Harper collections, photos of Mt Shadwell & Tarrone gems and zeolites.



Mount Shadwell is mainly of interest to fossickers for the peridot which can be found at the quarry. However there are many other minerals that have been found in the quarry. These include calcites, anorthoclase, aragonite, aegirine-augite  and over recent years, Ilmenite crystals. Most of the specimens are in the 'micromount' size, but a number of nice cabinet specimens have also been collected. The specimens shown below are part of the Alan Wood Collection. Alan has been collecting at the quarry over many years and has an extensive knowledge of the minerals you can find at the quarry. The Ilmenite specimens at the quarry are comparatively rare, being found in volcanic vents which are only occasionally uncovered by the quarrying operations. For safety reasons, fossickers obviously cannot be allowed to enter such vents and so the vents are bulldozed during the quarrying operations. However,after the areas have been made safe, specimens can still be found in the scoria where the vents had been located. Both Alan Wood and John Chivers ( members of the Warrnambool Gem Club) have good ilmenite specimens in their collections. The minerals below have been photographed in natural daylight, using a 35mm macro lens on an E 510 Olympus digital SLR camera. If you are visiting Mortlake and wish to fossick or view Alan Wood’s collection, be sure to contact him as far ahead of time as you can. Alan & Jenny are always happy to help fellow fossickers but have busy lives! In winter they often head north.
Close up view of Canadian Ammonite shell
THE IVY HARPER COLLECTION IVY HARPER was a long term member of the Warrnambool Gem club from it’s earliest years, was a life member of the club and has served as a President of the club. In 2013 Ivy moved into retirement accommodation and donated her collection to the Warrnambool Gem Club. The photos below show a portion of the collection she has donated. It includes local material from the ‘Western District’ in Victoria, as well as material collected from many locations around Australia. Ivy was also an enthusiastic lapidary and some of her lapidary work is also shown. The first photos below show the general display cases. Some individual specimens are then show in more detail.
MINERALS FROM MT SHADWELL AND TARRONE QUARRY The first photo gallery below shows a number of peridot gems from Mt Shadwell, Mortlake (cut by Alan Wood) and a collection of Zeolites collected at the Tarrone quarry by Darren Lucas.
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