Close up view of Canadian Ammonite shell
2018 Warrnambool Gem Show:  The 2018 Gem Show, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the club’s existence, was held at the Warrnambool Primary School Hall on the 6th & 7th of January. Club members worked from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. on Thursday, setting up the tables and electricity supply. Friday was for setting up the club stall and display cases; and assisting the traders who arrived throughout the day. A good effort by all members concerned. Members entered a great selection of display cases reflecting the work done at the club. They were of a high standard and the voting for the ‘popular showcase’ award was very tight with the A. Altmann and J. Fisher taking the top spots. On Saturday the weather forecast was for a top temperature of 42 degrees, not great in a stadium without air-conditioning. However, with the doors closed the building stayed about 10 degrees cooler than outside until mid afternoon when it reached 34 degrees inside (42 outside), before the ‘cool change’ arrived. We had an excellent crowd in the morning but it was quiet after lunch. Sunday was pleasant and cool, with a good crowd attending throughout the day. Members and traders were kept busy and comments from traders and the public confirmed the feelings of members, that is was the best show we have run at this venue. Members appreciated the support of the public, traders, the Warrnambool City Council and the many businesses which provided sponsorship for the show.
L: ‘Heart of Shona’ had a range of carvings which were very popular. R: some of the crowd on Sunday. L: A display case showing some nice glass work by a Kay. R: A lovely display of amethyst by Janice. L: Larry selling Australian gems he has collected. R: John demonstrating faceting.